Thursday, September 30, 2010

So....... It's Been A While.

And so let me begin with my apologies to My Little Buddy Teo, and apologies to all of you Teo-philes and fans out there eager for more news on Mr. Teo. I am sorry for the long hiatus on news and images, only of which a few bits and pieces were posted occasionally on FB. No more. I will be more diligent and faithful in my postings here.
But because of that long stretch, there is MUCH to catch up on, as so much has happened since our last post.
My how Teo has GROWN in that short amount of time (4-months). Well, I guess that "short amount of time" equates to about one quarter of his life, so it stands that a lot would happen in that time. Words have crept in - Mom (not "Mama" but a short, staccato-like verbal burst of "Mom!"), Dada (not the early 20th century art movement meaning of the word), cat, clock, Tanner (his older brother), grandma (from a recent 3-week visit from Grandma Connie), Elmo (more like "Melmo"), agua (he's bilingual!), and a very occasional "Good God" (I SWEAR it's true!), though we're certain that is not what he was trying for or meant to say, since neither of us use that phrase.
But as there IS so much to catch up on and photos to share (Father's Day, trip to Catalina, Candice's B-day, life in general), let's save the bulk of that for the next number of posts and get to the news that I know many of you are waiting for.
Teo and family made a visit to the Women's Diagnostic Center (to be exact) at St. Joe's Hospital here in Burbank to get an ultrasound done (performed? made?) on Candice to determine not only - and most importantly - if all is going well with the little baby inside her tummy, but also to find out what gender Teo's sibling will be.
Early in, Candice guessed girl, then switched to boy, then at the last minute back to girl (because the baby has been so mellow compared to Teo's constant thrashings). Gil originally guessed girl, basing that guess on the entirety of balance that seems rampant his life, but then switched to boy after a clinical explanation from Candice on time-of-conception and the survival-of-the-fittest behavior of spermatazoa. Yow. In any case, we both had the same 50-50 odds, right?
So right at the beginning of the appointment, literally a half-second after the doctor put the wand to Candice's belly, he said "looks like you're having a daughter." Wow.
Time to git me a shotgun.
(Please come back on Monday for more. Thanks for visiting again!)
(BTW, baby is due Feb 15.)

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